Federlegno Arredo chooses MeetMe to manage its workshops and meetings

LegnoArredo Forum, managed through the event software MeetMe, put in the center of the national attention one of the most important sectors of the made in Italy

On June 13, took place the second LegnoArredo (WoodFurniture) Forum organized by FederlegnoArredo. A day full of workshops, all managed through the software MeetMe, with numerous participations of more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and prominent figures of the industry.

For this event, Infordata provided MeetMe system to manage the accreditation and attendance at the workshops in real time and for the ordinary members assemble management.

In the entrance to the Forum, Infordata had enabled three desk where they were installed 16 PCs connected to badge printers for the accreditation of the participants. Thanks to the PCR330 Mifare RFID reader and to the Ecoline II ID-Tech barcode readers, the passage of each participant was recorded in real time with no effort from the operators.

Participation in the thematic workshops was numerous, allowing participants to analyze in detail the most relevant aspects of the wood-furniture sector: the office of the future, building with wood, innovative marketing strategies, the U.S. market, energy and daylighting are some of the topics discussed during the afternoon sessions.

They performed a total of 13 workshops in 5 different rooms and for each participant was possible to determine the entry or not the session and the time spent in the room. The attendance data were transmitted in real time to the Meetme server, in case of WiFi network congestion they were sent later, allowing Federlegno Arredo to statistically analyze the data obtained with commercial porpoises. This has been possible thanks to the use of NFC smart phones with the MeetMe Mobile application installed.

At the end of the day was held the ordinary shareholders’ meeting where with MeetMe, through a complex mechanism, the votes and delegation of votes were counted. Smart phones NFC were used again to count in real time the companies physically present as well as the number of people and the delegations; it also allowed calculating the total number of votes from the present at the meeting.

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MeetMe has a new image on the web

Online the new MeetMe websites with new content and a renewed image, and not only! From now it’s also available in a new language, Spanish!

MeetMe’s website has been redesigned and implemented with new features and content in order to let the users perfectly understand the possibilities and the working system of one of the leading systems in the events management field.

The new website explains the different modules in which MeetMe can be provided and the benefits of each one, so users depending on their needs will be able to choose the module that better fits the requirements of thekind of event they are going to organize.

The website includes all the technical information about the software, but also practical examples of its application, photo gallery and a demo version online. A new image that reflects the nature of the software itself, more dynamic, flexible and interactive.

Visit our new websites:

MeetMe in spanish –

MeetMe in english –

MeetMe in italian –

MeetMe at the World Urban Forum of Napoli

Thanks to the security provided by the smart badge, Infordata has reached a great success among all the visitors

The World Urban Forum is an event organized by the UN where heads of states, ministers and delegates meet to talk about the future of intelligent cities. The event took place from 1st to 6th September and hosted over 8350 delegates from 156 countries.

Due to the high safety standards required other than NFC technology,  police, metal detectors and sniffer dogs have been involved.

“Since the forum contacted us we sought for a solution that could guarantee all services related to the access management but also able to manage other security services and support. The right solution was the NFC technology through smart badges with RFID chips. These badges were issued to guests at anytime thanks to special printers, for those who made the pre-registration online, but also for those who decided to attend at the last minute “explains Marko Petelin, Ceo of Infordata.

The smart badges have a RFID chip integrated through which all data of each participant can be inserted automatically through advanced encryption systems and an intelligent platform that allowed the identification of associated services such as lending of audio guides.

“For the management of over 6,000 headphones, used by the guests for the translation of interventions in real time, we implemented the NFC technology that allowed visitors to take the headphones without having to bring with them their identity card or passport. The value of each headphone was about € 400 so it was important to keep users registered. We have associated NFC technology to the smart badges which through smartphones registered automatically in contactless modality the rental procedure “continues Petelin.

NFC technology was one of the protagonists at the exhibition, its comfort and speed has surprised all those who still don’t knowing or had never experimented it before. NFC allowed the smart badge reading through Nokia and LG last generation smartphones.

“The printing and recording speed of a single badge was a couple of minutes for the first day. Getting used to the working system the days after was less than 1 minute. All were surprised by the practicality and commodity of NFC a new technology for many of them. Italian innovation at the World Urban Forum has really impacted everybody! ” concludes Petelin.

Infordata managed the asistance at the XIV Cooperative Credit National Congress

Infordata has managed the presences in the event with MeetMe and has also had its own stand

From the 8th to the 11th December has taken place the XIV Cooperative Credit National Congress at Rome (Rome’s new fair, Pala BBc) with over 2.000 participants. The participants were representing all the Cooperative Credit banks, local federations and several societies of the system. The aim of the Congress was to discuss about the future of the cooperative Italian credit, its strategics and organizational perspectives.

Infordata Sistemi, specialized in as a partner providing solutions for the BBC, has choosen MeetMe to manage the accreditations and the event in general. MeetMe system consists of a web-based management software, attendance terminals and RFID badge. The system is conceived to manage all the organizational phases: from the first stage, when invitations are sent to the members, proceeding with the assembly management, up to the final stage when attendance and voting reports are generated.

Ought to our conference and events management software the organizers could save not only money but also time, simplifying all the tasks regarding the event’s management.


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Italian banks choose MeetMe

The solution MeetMe events management, developed by Infordata, has been chosen by many southern center Italian BCC to manage the accreditation in their members’ meetings. We can highlight the following BCC: Irpinia , Naples, Montecorvino Rovella and Casagiove. With this solution, banks have significantly streamlined the procedures for members’ accreditation and proxies’ management, educing time management up to 80%. Thanks to the great success reached, Infordata decided to invest in new potentials and to offer a more complete solution for the next meetings,

MeetMe system consists of a web-based management software, attendance terminals and RFID badges. The system is conceived to manage all the organizational phases: from the first stage, when invitations are sent to the members, proceeding with the Assembly management, until the final stage when attendance and voting reports are generated.

MeetMe system’s exclusive purpose is not only the meetings management, but also aims to loyal the members, since they represents the key element of a BCC. Members become identify with membership card, which apart from being an identification and prestige sign, can be used for various services.

During the first stage, the members were imported into the software, the badges were printed and delivered by mail to each member and before the beginning of assembly, already available proxies were included in the system. During the meeting, the members’ accreditation was done very fast: people came to the desk, their badges were read, proxies were verified (or inserted new ones), and finally a voting card was given, indicating the number of votes for which the member was entitled. RFID readers were installed at the meeting hall entrance detecting the effective attendances. By the end of works, the accredited and attendance data were matched, so that only the votes of actually present persons have been considered.

Infordata sponsors the OptimumIT with the MeetMe event management software

We have sponsored the OptimumIT conference, providing the necessary software and hardware to manage the enrollments, accreditations and time attendances

 Optimum IT is the first edition of an event designed to help companies optimize their business procedures and processes through the technology adoption.

As the sponsor of the event, Infordata has provided MeetMe event management system.

The registrations, badge printing with bar codes, participants’ accreditation and attendance in the study spaces were handled through the web-based software.

The time attendance verification to courses in the various rooms was managed with portable bar code readers.

At the event‘s conclusion, all the data have been elaborated allowing the generation of various reports in real time with all the participants’ details. After the event, the reports saved in Excel format, have been used to manage marketing –targeted-actions.


The site of the event is


MeetMe 2.0 version now available

A new version of the popular software for events management has arrived

After the success of the first version of the MeetMe system for the whole events’ management, from the invitations sending and participants registration to the access control, it’s now available the last version 2.0 that includes a wide range of new features extremely flexible and customizable.

This time, the new possibilities of the system offer a complete world of 2.0 applications that will simplify and improve the events management and all the related tasks, both before (invitations sending, online registration form for the assistants) and after the event (issue of reports, analysis of the assistance).

The customer is now able to transform MeetMe into a real framework creating a mini-website with a personalized template for each event. To integrate it with the social networks or with Outlook and Google’s calendars will be some of the new possibilities.

Enjoy the best of what RFID technology can offer, especially in theevents management field! Improve your events and congress and your image will improve with them!

For the FIMP 2011 Conference, Infordata provides management of accreditations, presences detection and badges supply

The events and congress organization agency, Caprimed, chose Infordata Sistemi to manage the access control, the presence detection and the identification of the participants through badge for the 5th National Congress of the FIMP (Italian Federation of Pediatricians).

The 1st October at Turin’s Lingotto began the Vº FIMP National Congress counting on more than 2.200 participants registered and a 4 days duration.

The title of the Congress “Flight assistant” is strictly connected to the aim of pediatricians to bring by hand the families in the long growing path of their children and teach them how to have a good and healthy lifestyle since their first years of life.The pediatrician considers himself a part of the growing process of the kids and wants to be always present until the complete development.

The event was the perfect chance for the FIMP to give useful advices to the parents through two handbooks: one about the difficulty that children have to fall asleep and the other focused on how to protect children from the many risks in the Internet world. Was also a good opportunity for docotors to get in contact and to share experiences and practices.


Infordata’s solution

To satisfy the client’s needs Infordata Sistemi chose MeetMe, the conference and events management software, a complete and flexible system to guarantee: access control, presence detection, participants’ accreditation, creation of reports  (time attendance) and general management of any kind of event, congress or fair.

MeetMe is able to simplify the enrolments management – management of mailing and invitations, confirmation of registration, registry members import from Excel spreadsheet, insertion of new members from web interface.

For the accreditation of the participants to the congress, it has been installed a desk divided in alphabetical order (one queue for the surnames from A to C, another one for those from D to F, etc) and a team of 10 hostess provided support. At the arrival at the desk the hostess provided the participants of the working folder and the badge, previously passed through a UHF Desktop to (automatically) confirm their accreditation.

Most of the badges were printed before the congress during which have been printed new badges just for the last confirmed participants. A recurrent problem in a congress which duration is longer than 1 day is that usually the participants forgot the badges in the hotel so new provisional ones should be printed. As MeetMe is able to manage more than one badge for each person, there has been no problem in calculating the presences: in the contrary case of associating just one badge for person (with the unique serial number) the association between accreditation and presence would be lost. Through the conference management solutions the number of people was constantly updated providing very useful information in order to organize the number of menus that should be prepared for each meal.

At the end of the congress, the organization has printed the certificates of attendance according to the data recovered from the MeetMe accreditations and the attendance.

For the detection and management of presences, we placed 4 turnstiles with UHF antennas connected to IS2300controllers.  Each controller was also connected to the netbooks that were storing the serial number of each badge read.  For the badges’ reading it was enough that the persons passed close to the turnstiles area in order to be identified. In each turnstile the antennas have been installed in both directions, to the interior of the hall and to the exterior, in this way it was possible to associate the pass of one person with one unique entrance or exit. By calculating the difference of time between the first read of the badge and the second one, MeetMe system was able to determine the time that a person has been in the hall. The attendance calculation was, very useful for the participants to get recognized the learning credits for the CME.

All the system works online with connection to the MeetMe server.  We also included a WiFi net with several access points to allow the interaction between the server and the devices installed in the turnstiles. The main problem was that in the building of the congress they didn’t have Internet connection so we resolved it using a simple UMTS Internet stick that did a great work. For security we provided an on-site backup server in case there were communication problems.


From now MeetMe manages the events also online!

The virtual and the real world come together with the latest built-in application of MeetMe, MeetMe Presence, that allows managing the attendance of participants to events through Facebook!

MeetMe, our events management software, evolves in the same way as all the companies and business, becoming more digital to meet the needs of the events managers, identified thanks to the suggestions of our users.

MeetMe Presence allows participants to associate their RFID cards (delivered for identification and access to events) to their Facebook account. The connection is easily made by acceding to an application through Facebook, and then it’s only needed to authorize the application to access your personal account. Once granted permission, the application can be used and removed at any time from the same page.

MeetMe Presence allows participants to upload photos by simply putting their card next to the desired picture, give a like on services or products and to establish relationships in an easier way, as for when taking a picture  and uploading it on Facebook the name of participants will automatically appear. MeetMe Presence offers a sharing experience in real time.

This application is great for all events involving young people including: festivals, parties, conferences, trade shows, discos, clubs, etc.

MeetMe becomes a more complete solution for conferences, exhibitions and any kind of event’s management .

Ask our technicians and experts for more information!

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